March 04, 2012

9 Things I Love Sunday: Spring Edition

 1) Spring Dresses at Modcloth
Spring is still a time around, but these slightly sultry-vintage spring style dresses from Modcloth totally put me into the spring swing!

2) Candle Tins
I've been so into candles lately, and the collection of candles at Anthropologie are adorable! The candle tin ones are my simple yet whimsical!

3) Pink Peonies
Fresh flowers are always beautiful. So when my grandmother came to visit me the other week and brought me a cluster of peonies, I just fell in love!

4) Instagram
It used to be a hobby, but now it's an obsession - I instagram everything.

5) Papyrus Stationary
How cute is this set of blank cards from Papyrus? I already wasted a half a box and it hasn't even been a month!

6) Owls
I've been totally into whimsical owls this week. Look how cute these bookends are!

7) Letters
Who doesn't like receiving handwritten letters? I found this one on Tumblr and thought it was so adorable. Forever alone.

8) Tumblr Photography
I used to Tumblr quotes, but recently I've been getting into the photography as well. The image above of the ballet shoes is so charming and fanciful.

9) Soaps
I know I already mentioned a product from Anthropologie, but I just had to add another one. It's soap! I hauled a ton of these last month when I paid a visit to the store - they're just so pretty! Kudos to Anthropologie for all their whimsical and vintage decor.