Call me Essie. I'm an independent designer - one of my favorite hobbies is sketching pictures of the utmost randomest objects; say, a brown wooden door with an umbrella leaning promptly against the doorknob.  You could say I'm one of those people who see the beauty behind everything. I love photography and think it's absolutely beautiful, but I prefer a paintbrush and a set of oil paints instead. Part of that reason is I don't own a very good quality camera - the one I own right now is a digital camera in 12.1 Megapixels, which, really isn't a professional quality camera for taking beautiful pictures in anyone's standards. My utmost dream is to one day own the Diana F+ Lomography camera - I am absolutely in love with Polaroids.

One day, I hope to start my own Etsy store; I'd sell pretty little vintage things and cute stationary and boxes. I think vintage is gorgeous - my life revolves around the hues of light pink and frills. Maybe someday I'll get to live in a real princess castle, but for now, I'll just stick to my little blush pink room and call it my kingdom.

I love writing - when I write, I escape from the grasps of the evil in the world. I love writing poetry, proses, and novellas. Frankly, I started this blog so I could write some more; I have a humble obsession with fashion and beauty, DIY projects, and those little knicks and knacks out there that I just fall in love with. I thought I'd share some of that love with all of you out there. Those princess-y, whimsical, pink loving girls out there that share the similar interest of the beauty and beautiful world. Hopefully, if you're one of those people, you'll gain some inspiration from my blog and share the love of my second home with me.

If you have suggestions, recommendations, or comments about anything, please contact me - I'd love to talk to you.

With love,